Junior Squad: 2-3 x 60 minute sessions per week

JUNIOR Squad swimmers can swim 50 metres freestyle in 50 seconds with good breathing, and complete 100 metres Breaststroke and Backstroke with confidence. Butterfly drills will be consolidated and training skills such as reading the pace clock and tumble turns are also emphasised.

Most of each 60 minute session will be devoted to more advanced stroke drills perfecting technique and endurance.

Training sets are also introduced for the first time. Swimmers in this squad should begin racing in Swim Club events. Racing skills are emphasized in the JUNIOR squad and swimmers are encouraged to increase speed and strength in the water.


13+ Year Olds: 3 x 90 minute sessions per week

Swimmers are aiming for race results and more discipline is expected in training. INTERMEDIATE squad swimmers are expected to have correct and strong technique in all four strokes.

Sets are designed to challenge the swimmers in INTERMEDIATE squads. Both sprint and endurance ability are developed in this group to prepare for advanced squad swimming. Three to five 90 minute sessions each week are expected and dry land training is also required at this level.


Senior: 5 or more squads per week

SENIOR swimmers aiming to compete at Queensland State as well as National Age and Open championships.  Qualifying standards for these meets are available on Queensland Swimming’s website.

Competitive swimming is a high priority in this group as training sessions are tailored for elite racing success. SENIOR swimmers must attend a minimum of five training sessions each week including morning squads, and Interclub competition is essential through Noosa Swim Club.

Programs are designed to motivate swimmers to reach their full swimming potential.  Ten sessions each week offer challenging sets focusing on Speed, Endurance, Race pace and Skills, with additional strength training.